Contractor Bonds

With more than 100 years of combined experience in construction surety, we will be delighted to handle your business, whether you’re a periodic user of surety or bidding 20 jobs a month.

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You do the building. We do the bonding.

Our company is staffed with knowledgeable professionals who have years of experience in all aspects of the construction industry, and contract surety is our specialty. With our deep expertise and intimate knowledge, rest assured that you will be getting the right bond on time, every time.

Bond Types

Bid Bonds
Guarantees the owner of the project that if deemed the lowest responsible bidder, you will enter into the contract and provide a Performance & Payment bond.

Performance & Payment Bonds (P&P Bonds)
This guarantees the contract, your workmanship, and that you will pay your materialmen and suppliers.

Maintenance Bonds
Once the owner has accepted the job and punch list is over, the typical maintenance period is one year, guaranteed by the maintenance bond.

Subdivision Bonds
Guarantees the local government entity that if a subdivision fails, you will at least leave infrastructure intact, i.e. roads, sewer and water, street lamps, etc.

Completion Bonds
Often required by the lending source, this gives an entity with whom you are not contracted to make claim or “call” the bond.

Supply Bonds
Guarantees performance of a contract to provide delivery of supplies and/or materials.

Advance Payment Bonds
Guarantees you will repay or settle any cash advanced by the owner on a particular contract.

Reclamation Bonds
Guarantees you will restore the land on which you’re working to its original condition, typically on land owned by the US Government.

Encroachment Bonds
If you’re working on private property, local government may require this to guarantee you will not negatively affect any adjacent public property.

Shoring Bonds
If you are digging or excavating land, local government may require a this to guarantee you will not negatively affect adjacent properties.

Surety Bond Forms
This is the language on the actual bond. There are literally thousands of bond forms in use across the country. And yes we have all of them. Never worry about which bond form your Obligee requires because it’s our job to get the bond executed correctly and quickly.