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Do I Need A Completion Bond?

The short answer is maybe—if you are undertaking a project that involves borrowing a large sum of money from one or more lenders. In fact, you may need more than one. Learn more about completion bonds below, and request a quote from Contractor Surety Group today.

Most Popular Bonds In Construction Contacts

Construction bonds are surety bonds commonly required for contractors who want to win and work on public or private construction contracts. Different types of bonds protect different parties and serve different purposes, but they all work in the same general manner. Learn more about some of the most popular bonds in construction contracts, and request […]

What Is A Retention Bond?

A retention bond is a type of performance bond that is increasingly used in the construction industry to eliminate cash retention practices. Learn more below, and request a quote from Contractor Surety Group today.

Construction Bond Rates Explained

Surety bonds are a fact of life in the construction industry. Whether you’re purchasing a contractor license bond, bid bond, performance bond, or any other type of bond required of contractors, the cost is generally calculated in the same way. Here’s how construction bond rates work.

What Is A Payment Bond?

A payment bond is a type of surety bond commonly used for public and private construction projects. These bonds are usually issued in conjunction with a performance bond. Its purpose is to ensure that the contractor pays the companies that supply materials for the project as well as the subcontractors and laborers working on a […]

Bid Bonds vs. Performance Bonds: Which Do You Need?

Bid bonds and performance bonds are often required for construction projects. In this post, we’ll walk you though the differences between bid bonds vs performance bonds. Learn about each type of bond and which you need for your project. Once you know the bonds you need, you can get a quote easily online from Contractor […]

How Does A Performance Bond Work?

A performance bond is a type of surety bond that guarantees satisfactory completion of a project by a contractor. It is meant to protect the project owner and the public against financial loss in the event of a contractor’s poor performance or default. Performance bonds are often issued alongside a payment bond, which guarantees that […]

How To Get Government Construction Contracts

Large and small construction companies alike can make money working on federal government contracts. Even if you have experience bidding on state or municipal public works projects, you may find that it takes a little time and effort to get your head wrapped around the federal contracting process. Here are some helpful tips on how […]

How To Bid On Construction Projects

Contractors often get work through the process of bidding. The bidding process can be competitive and tough, especially for those who are inexperienced with it. In this post, we provide an overview on how to bid on construction projects. If you’ve been losing your bids, we hope this post can help you to improve your […]

How Does A Construction Bond Work?

Construction bonds (aka contract bonds) encompass a variety of surety bonds that companies in the construction industry may be required to purchase in order to do business. In this post, we’ll take look at some of the most common types of construction bonds and how they work.