We provide surety support across all construction industry segments.

Surety Company Services

Contractor Surety Group provides surety bonding services across all sectors of the construction industry. Our experience is your strength: with a deep understanding of surety requirements throughout the United States, we are the people professionals count on for sound advice, expedient service and competitive rates. We offer a wide range of bonding and surety services, and nobody knows the construction industry better. No matter how simple or complex your job might be, we can ensure that you will be protected with the bonds you need, so that you can get on with what you do best. Whether you are a small local contractor or building in multiple locations at any given time, we’ve got every possible angle covered. If you are in need of bonds for publically or privately funded building projects, commercial or residential buildings or subdivisions, you are in the right place. Browse our most popular bonds, or call today to speak to one of our contractor bonding specialists to find out more.

Commercial & Residential Developments

Contractor Surety Group provides ‘A+’ surety bonds in lieu of liquid instruments i.e., LOCs or certified funds when municipalities or counties require plat, infrastructure, and other guarantees. Known collectively as Subdivision Bonds, these obligations are written on the financial strength of the developer. No collateral is required from the developer to secure them, and they don’t appear on your balance sheet thus increasing your borrowing capacity.

Performance & Payment / Completion Bonds

Contractor Surety Group provides Performance & Payment bonds when the funding source requires a bond from either the developer or contractor. This holds true in cases in which related entities are involved on both the development and construction side. These obligations also occur in LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credit) and Low & Affordable Housing Project scenarios in which the funding source and/or owner require a bond. In essence, the bond serves as de facto collateral guaranteeing successful completion of the project.

Horizontal Property Regimes

Some states allow the developer of horizontal regimes to post a bond in place of escrow prior to the master deed being filed. This has the effect of freeing up working capital as the units are being sold.

Encroachment / DOT Right of Way

Contractor Surety Group provides bonds in lieu of certified funds when developers/contractors enter into an encroachment arrangement with various state DOTs – an excellent method of freeing up working capital.